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The relationship between mind and body

The relationship between mind and body

The relationship between mind and body has been scientifically established for quite some time. The biochemical pathways which feed back information from various parts of the body to and from the brain has been extensively studied. It is therefore not surprising that a healthy mind implies a healthy body and vice-versa.

Significantly, it has been further established that the relationship between body and mind is not merely mutually indicative of the health status of either one. It has been also proven that our brain could be used positively to improve the health of our body through various techniques such as hypnosis, meditation, neurolinguistic programming and neuropsychological-behavioral modifications. The reverse is dramatically true, whereby the body can also be positively used to improve our mental capabilities and even biochemically alter our mood in a way similar to the mode of action of licit and illicit drugs. For example, exercise is a well known mental health intervention strategy for improving mood and preventing or minimizing the harm caused by mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

According to the above postulations, we can easily depict a variety of ways through which an individual can benefit from the clear connection that exists between mind and body. This interaction is also arguably multifactorial. In other words, we are able to learn and adopt positively numerous concepts to enable an individual or a community to employ such body - mind interaction to its advantage. Thus, the variety of realms which can be used in this regard can span the fields of bio-psycho-social disciplines. What is even more exciting, once individual skills are optimized and adopted across multiple disciplines, the results can be synergistic towards a supremely healthy lifestyle. As an example, the environment of a person can combine with physical activity and neuropsychological modifications to provide a holistically healthy lifestyle.

The most major obstacle which can be encountered invariably is with our mind. Whilst an individual may be able to find 'will power' to make alterations to their environment or behavior, such 'will power' invariably falls short of providing the necessary know how to control the mind. It is often said that the mind has its own mind. The fact is that there is no such thing as an ability to control our mind and in my personal experience, controlling the mind can only work by not attempting to control it. This paradox is only understood once we learn to tap into our subconscience thereby creating indirect access that enables the mind to steer in our preferred direction in the long term. This skill requires lots of practice and perseverance along with the determination to succeed. In the end, being able to guide our mind becomes a passive process as it starts to take us in the only direction that we want it to go.

As to how all of this applies to our unique new application and the fantastic powers of MIND MY SKIN will be next explained. However, it was extremely important to highlight these introductory remarks before we go onto the next step, which is the principles adopted by the MIND MY SKIN range of products to make us both physically and mentally healthy.



Dr. Robert Kaldawi (Ph.D., Biochemistry)
Principle Scientist
Mind My Skin Laboratories
Founder, Academy of Health Education of Victoria (

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