Mind My Skin Principles

By Michael Scruse

Mind My Skin Principles

Following on from our previous article, we can begin to discover an amazing new potential of positively improving our mental skills through practical techniques that we can learn to employ across a variety of realms. For example, we can use the environment to feel good by surrounding ourselves with positive people or by establishing habits and activities that improve happiness thereby providing us with inner peace. Such examples include hobbies, nature and even interacting with or hugging loved ones.

In this regard, our senses play a crucial role. Each of our senses is specifically heightened corresponding to the habit or hobby at hand. For example, cooking can relax the mind through taste and smell, whilst nature can relax our mind through smelling the roses or watching a beautiful sunset. Similarly, hugging loved ones relies on our tactile sense whilst listening to music provides heightened relaxation and pleasure through sound.

Naturally, such practices can have amazing results in terms of healthy lifestyles and inner happiness. What is often discounted by the community is the fact that all such activities, whilst personally dependent on each individual, provide a biochemical release of a neurotransmitter called 'Dopamine' which feeds into the brain's central reward system thereby turning on the 'feel good' signal of pleasure. Thus, love is pleasurable through a biochemical change in brain chemistry. By contrast, loneliness is detrimental to our mood and living life in isolation can often lead to disastrous lifestyle consequences. Only those who are mentally trained or who master meditative skills can withstand an isolated lifestyle.

The consequence of feeling good can also feed into our self-esteem and confidence making us feel happier which in turn leads to further confidence and so on. Sadly, the reverse in this cycle is also true and can be quite destructive. Thus, a loss of confidence can lead to further inner conflict which in turn provides basis for lower self-esteem and unhappiness.

Often, people are oblivious to the fact that inner-confidence is in the mind despite the fact that physical and environmental influences play a major role in its proliferation. As an example, when a man presents in a suit or when a woman is dressed beautifully, both would feel a high sense of confidence. Whilst this feeling has been mediated and / or potentiated by a personal look, it's nevertheless still a mind skill.  It can therefore be argued that self-confidence should be evident in all those who have it regardless of how they present themselves. However, despite self-esteem being inherent to the mind, ironically, there are individuals who can manipulate their lifestyle around feeling a sense of ongoing confidence. Such manipulative skills are an actor's speciality. Thus, professional actors learn to master the art of manipulating an audience into thinking whatever they choose for them as they made an art out of realizing this important distinction. It is crucial to note that what or whom we are is essentially intrinsic to our mental skills.

The above leads yet to another significant discovery, namely that our senses are essential feed back mind triggers for pleasure and  happiness. Therefore, behaviors that positively impact our senses will in turn lead to positive impact on the mind and vice-versa.  Hence, it is not surprising that almost all pleasurable behaviors use one or more of our senses to provide pleasure and contentment.

It is from this perspective that the MIND MY SKIN formulations are novel sitting amongst the latest in skin care technology. This range of products provides pleasure to the skin hence leading to the same in the mind. The reverse is also true as ongoing stimuli of mental pleasures lead to a sense of ongoing self-confidence and happiness in both behavior and lifestyle. The sense of touch is used to pamper the skin providing it with a sensation of relaxation and well-being. The formulations used are specifically designed to treat various aspects of unhealthy skin conditions. Each treatment provides significant and clear results with visual and relatively quick improvements in a variety of skin conditions. Such an improvement as clear as it presents and in a short time scale reinforces our hope thereby enriching our mind with positive thoughts. The synergy of touch through massage combined with positive improvements in skin health become vital in providing superiority both in physical look, innate feeling of confidence and mental happiness.

Last but not least, whilst these formulations are highly effective topically with direct effects locally on affected areas, there are specific active ingredients that penetrate layers of the skin creating positive impact on a cellular level. Novel advances in stem cells research have provided the basis for creating the necessary foundation for skin regeneration whilst improving skin vitality and longevity. The physical signs of aging are successfully reversed and / or arrested concomitantly with regular and long term applications.

The success of the MIND MY SKIN range of formulations is heavily reliant on noticeable improvement so much so that our organization is prepared to offer a money back guarantee if specified results are not noticeable as specified in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

In summary, the MIND MY SKIN range, as the name suggests, uses the skin to improve the state of mind whilst the treatment itself protects and minds the skin from exposure to harsh and toxic environmental influences. The specific ingredients used in each product as indicated by the manufacturer will be specifically referred to and explained in our next article. Consequently, our dear consumers will be able to choose the right product for the right skin condition. Moreover, the end user will equally be able to understand the relative scientific systems in each formulation employed in the pathways towards success.



Dr. Robert Kaldawi (Ph.D., Biochemistry)
Principle Scientist
Mind My Skin Laboratories
Founder, Academy of Health Education of Victoria (ahev.com)
Copyright 2017


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