About Us


Mind My Skin is a company that cares deeply about your skin  and what you use on it.

We believe when people nurture their mind and  body they are in a healthier state. We have focused exclusively on offering a complete line of natural skin care products to treat multiple skin types and conditions to create ultimate results.

Mind My Skin products have been “mindfully” created…

Mind My Skin products are different from most skin care products. Our products  have been specifically created with natural ingredients and the advancement of Biotechnology to regulate the skin to a healthier condition.

  • Anti ageing cream is clinically tested and proven to prevent and reduce wrinkles.
  • Anti wrinkle eye treatment will lift upper eyelids and smooth out crow’s feet and other fine lines.
  • Natural moisturisers makes your dry skin look and feel hydrated, youthful, and rejuvenated. Oily and acne skins are to be hydrated and oil regulated.
  • Velvet mask works to purify and rejuvenate all skin types.
  • Facial scrub clears away old skin cells to reveal fresh, new revitalized skin.
  • Hand care cream pampers your hands and cuticles with a velvet touch.
Light in texture abundant in hydration. Rich aromas without being heady. The result is that your skin feels as good as it looks, and you look as good as you feel.

    Mind My Skin - natural skin therapy products are…

    • 100% Made in Australia
    • Made of the finest, safest ingredients with a scientifically-proven approach to healthy skin therapy
    • Mindfully formulated without being tested on any animals
    • Scientifically proven to soothe, clean, renew, repair, and nourish your skin
    • Scientifically developed and supported with clinical data that can protect your skin against pollution, dust, allogenic substances, pathogens, and other unwanted intruders
    • Currently sold in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.