Dry Skin Care

Mind My Skin – Products For Rehydrating Dry Skin

Dry skin can at times feel like a losing battle. No matter which skin care product you use, dryness seems to return with a vengeance at the slightest change in the weather. And worst of all, dry skin can make wrinkles and fine lines all the more pronounced.

The good news is that we have developed the ultimate solution for dry skin with our range of scientifically proven dry skin care products. Use them on their own for a specific problem, or as part of our Dry Skin Pack and you’ll see significantly reduced dryness almost immediately.

Introducing Mind My Skin’s Dry Skin Care Products.

Dry skin needs specialized care. If you experience dry skin with chafing, itching, scaling, peeling, or cracking, we have an anti wrinkle moisturiser to hydrate, rejuvenate and refresh. Use it along with our cleanser for dehydrated skin and our high-impact skin serum for optimum results.

Explore this powerful trio of extraordinary dry skin products:

  • Mind My Youth Anti Aging Moisturizer is scientifically developed with a complex selection of sophisticated active ingredients. This potent formulation rich in Snap-8, Cellynkage™ Juveleven™, Fision™ and Stem Cells works overtime to fight the various signs of ageing, stimulating your skin’s ability for natural repair, while enhancing cellular longevity and vitality. As an anti wrinkle moisturiser, its proactive anti ageing ingredients significantly reduce the depth of fine facial lines and wrinkles. For protection and prevention, Pollushield™ provides a barrier between your skin and the environment to ward off pollutants and harmful substances from entering your skin. Suitable for anti-aging/dry/dehydrated skin.
  • Mind My Purity Cleanser for Dehyrated Skin is a gentle cream that’s been scientifically developed and formulated to nourish, calm, and soothe irritation caused by severe dryness. The gentle skin cleanser removes make-up, deep cleans pores, purifies, and eliminates both residual dirt and grime. This cleanser for dry skin also restores and maintains your skin’s acid mantle, pH and moisturizing levels, so it’s suitable for dry and/or dehydrated skin.
  • Mind My Connection Skin Serum is a seriously powerful anti ageing product that’s scientifically proven and supported with clinical data. The serum incorporates a plethora of sophistication with the inclusion of Snap-8, Juveleven™, Fision™ and Stem Cells. As a dry skin serum, it reinforces the skin's natural abilities to repair and delete DNA damage that naturally occurs as we age. This visible rejuvenation and regeneration of your skin cells help you obtain, maintain, and proling a younger-looking skin. The Serum also promotes new collagen synthesis, improving elasticity and a youthful appearance. It plays a powerful role in the overall radiance, smoothness, luminosity, and rejuvenated appearance.

Safe and effective for multiple daily use

Mind My Skin dry skin care products are ideal for dry skin because they contain vital ingredients to ensure the prevention of the precursor process of wrinkle development.

Our dry skin care products do not make your skin oily; instead, they enable you to rinse away toxins without side negative effects such as dehydration. With ongoing, regular use multiple times daily, your skin will rejuvenate and rehydrate for optimum results.

In fact, Mind My Skin products have been specifically developed for such use so that when used every six hours, you can observe the positive results within 2 weeks. Best results have been seen when used synergistically with specifically indicated soap in reasonably warm water.

Safe for everyday use, this trio of dry skin products is natural, organic, inert, preservative- and chemical-free to minimise allergic reactions. Our dry skin products also protect against environmental pollution, dust, allogenic substances, pathogens and any other foreign intruders likely to impact your skin.

What’s the result?

Younger, smoother, more hydrated looking skin. Smoother, brighter skin texture with noticeably fewer wrinkles. Look better, feel better, and radiate a more youthful appearance.

We’re proud that our anti-aging products are mindfully formulated without being tested on animals. In addition, Mind My Skin products protect against the harmful sun, shielding your sensitive skin from UV damage (ultraviolet light), protecting our cells' DNA.

You can actually turn back the clock on skin ageing and reduce wrinkles, with Mind My Youth, Mind My Purity and Mind My Beauty. Explore our Dry Skin Pack.