Facial Cleansers

Natural Facial Cleansers – Mind My Purity

Is your skin dry or oily? Is it smooth or rough? It is radiant or dull? Does your cleanser wash away too much of your skin’s natural oils, rather than offering a natural, healthy balance?

If any of the above describes your skin, it’s time for a facial cleanser that cleans deeply while also soothing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating.

Mind My Skin’s range of cleansers cleanse, soothe, and rejuvenate

We have scientifically developed two extraordinary natural skin care cleansers to suit your particular type of skin. Each is clinically tested to be a lightweight, gentle, yet powerful everyday skin cleanser with no irritating effect that will effectively remove dead skin layers and cells.

Each cleanser is natural, organic, inert, preservative- and chemical-free to minimise allergic reactions. Safely clear away any environmental pollution, leftover makeup, dust, allogenic substances, pathogens, and any other unwanted intruders likely to impact your skin.

  • Mind My Beauty Skin Cleanser (oily/acne formula) is a gentle, highly effective, non-stripping facial cleansing agent. Its mild ingredients are a balanced blend of Vitamin E, Cucumber Extract, and Tea Tree Oil that are scientifically proven and supported with clinical data to regulate sebum production. This formulation works remarkably well to remove make-up, clean your skin, purify your skin surface, and eliminate residual dirt and grime. Its antiseptic benefits also help to reduce inflammation and control acne lesions. Most suitable for oily/acne skin.
  • Mind My Youth Skin Cleanser (for dry and dehyrated skin) is a gentle cream cleanser  that has  been scientifically formulated to nourish, calm, and soothe irritation caused by dryness. Mind My Youth removes residual make-up, cleanses, purifies, and eliminates both residual dirt and built-up grime. This skin cleanser also restores and maintains your skin’s acid mantle, pH and moisturizing levels, so it’s especially suitable for dry and/or dehydrated skin. 

What’s the result?


  • Maintains acid mantle
  • Non drying
  • Restores pH balance
  • Removes excess oil
  • Hydrates
  • Removes pathogens and bacteria 
  • Protecting our cells' DNA.

We’re proud that our anti-aging products are mindfully formulated without being tested on animals.

Regardless of what type of skin your have –– dry or oily –– your skin will look and feel better than it has in years!