Hand Cream

Mind My Touch – Natural Hand Moisturiser

Dry hands, split cuticles, and rough, cracked elbows can be irritating, not to mention embarrassing. Your hands and skin may be dry because it’s winter, or you spend much of your time in the garden, in the swimming pool, or in the ocean. Or you may be washing away too much of your skin’s natural oils by using a soap that’s too harsh.

What your dry hands really need is something that will soothe, feed, and hydrate your skin: an organic hand cream to moisturize naturally without any nasty toxins or chemicals.

Soothing and healing hand cream for dry hands, elbows, and feet.

Fortunately, we have developed Mind My Touch, a scientifically proven, natural hand cream moisturising lotion:

  • Pamper yourself with a velvet-touch hand cream that is clinically tested and mindfully comprised of an indulgent blend of rich Olive Oil, luxurious Avocado Oil, flexible Elastin, and anti-oxidant Vitamin E to help repair and soothe dry, tired hands, elbows, and feet.
  • Luxuriate in a scientifically developed hand moisturizer cream that truly nourishes and feeds the skin so your hands feel velvety, smooth, and deeply hydrated.
  • Use with confidence: Mind My Touch hand lotion is scientifically proven and supported with clinical data to be suitable for all skin types.
  • Is an effective treatment and detoxification against pathogens and bacteria, especially if you work in and around the house.
  • Use daily or a several times a day for faster results.

Mind My Touch hand cream is natural, organic, inert, preservative- and chemical-free. A hand cream with a protective effect, it also protects against environmental pollution, dust, allogenic substances, pathogens and any other unwanted intruders that may impact your skin.

What’s the result?

The comprehensive formula comprised of rich plant oils and natural moisturisers provides superior skin hydration for even the driest hands. The result is smoother, velvety and more resilient skin.

Mind My Touch Velvet Hand Cream uses specific ingredients specifically targeted for your hand skin (rather than face or body) to ensure that your hands don’t become oily.

Furthermore, it gives them a natural feeling like a breath of fresh air, so your hands will look young, feel soft, and feel smooth. Use it after each hand wash to create a dry, non-oily, velvety feeling. And always carry it in your handbag for immediate access and regular use, with a fragrance that enables your hands to feel vital and fresh.

We’re proud that our anti-aging products are mindfully formulated without being tested on animals. In addition, Mind My Skin products protect against the harmful sun, shielding your sensitive skin from UV damage (ultraviolet light), protecting our cells' DNA.

If you have dry hands, order our Mind My Touch Velvet Hand Cream. It’s almost like a smoothie for your skin because its plant-based ingredients help renew and refresh naturally, encouraging young cells to rise to your skin’s surface.